Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trish Hatley Sings Up A Storm At Woody's

Jeff Olson, Trish Hatley, Larry Holloway and Darin Clendenin

Larry Holloway

Darin Clendenin

Jeff Olson

There was music magic at Woody's on Tuesday night, March 12 where Trish Hatley joined her sensational singing style with keyboard player Darin Clendenin and Valley favorites, Larry Holloway and Jeff Olson.  Trish Hatley has a great singing style that is all her own.  She loves standards from the "Great American Songbook" and approaches them in her own unique Jazz style. Her voice is very rich and clear as a bell and her phrasing is near perfect. Trish is simply a wonderfully-talented singer that I could hear again and again! I understand that Trish did a lot of singing with Larry Holloway when they were both living in Seattle and I believe Larry helped set up some gigs for Trish in the Valley. As a result, we got to hear some super Jazz sounds tonight.

Darin Clendenin has been accompanying Trish on piano for the last several years and it shows. In addition to providing great piano support behind Trish, Darin also provided outstanding arrangements for Trish's performance. Darin is a super talented musician and I hope we get to hear more from him in the future.

This was only the second time this group has played together but you would never know it from the music they made tonight.  What stood out to me was the way Larry Holloway knew every vocal move that Trish made and there were plenty of them.  Larry has always been one of my favorite bass players but tonight he was on fire. I have never heard Larry play better .

If I were a singer, I would want to have Jeff Olson playing drums in my group. I have seen Jeff play with Jazz instrumental groups and with Jazz singers, and he has the softest hands in the Valley.  He is always focused and keeps the perfect balance of sound for both uptempo and torch songs.

I understand that Trish may be doing some other dates in the area in the near future, and I strongly recommend that you try to see her, she is really good!   

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