Friday, March 22, 2013

Tom Keenlyside and Barnaby Finch Join Bill Saitta and Jeff Olson At Last Jazz Session at Woodhaven CC

Bill Saitta, Tom Keenlyside, Jeff Olsen and Barnaby Finch

Tom Keenlyside

Jeff Olsen

Barnaby Finch

Wednesday, March 20 was the last session in the Jazz series that Bill Saitta put together at the Woodhaven CC. I decided to attend because I heard that Tom Keenlyside and Barnaby Finch were sitting in.  I was not going to do a review but the Jazz was so good that I just had to let my readers know.  I heard just a little of Tom's playing this season at the recent supper concert Tom and Steve Madaio put on at The Gardens on El Paso, and I wanted another chance to hear him close up.  Tonight, Tom played a lot on his Tenor Sax, and it is hard to express just how good he performed.  Tom is known by many for his superb flute performances but take it from me, a long-time Sax player, Tom plays Tenor Sax as good as anyone I have ever heard. 

Tonight was my first time this season to hear Barnaby Finch play and he exceeded my highest expectations!  He was just "on fire". I can only tell you that both Barnaby and Tom were really cooking and took each other to higher levels of great Jazz. 

There was a real Jazz chemistry in the air at Woodhaven tonight and it not only could be felt by everyone in the packed audience but also by Bill Saitta and Jeff Olsen.  Tonight I heard some of the best Jazz of the season!  This group of musicians does not play together too often but I highly recommend that anytime they do, you should make every effort to get to hear them.

This is the last performance for Bill Saitta for a while.  Bill is having surgery on his shoulder on Friday and will be out of commission for at least a month.  Best of luck Bill, and we all wish you well and a speedy recovery.  




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