Sunday, March 3, 2013

Frank DiSalvo Plays to a Packed House in the Indians Wells Resort Hotel

Frank DiSalvo 

Frank DiSalvo

Capacity Crowd at Indian Wells Resort Hotel Enjoying Frank DiSalvo

Frank DiSalvo along with Ron Kalina Playing the great standard, "The Very Thought  of You"

Frank DiSalvo only arrived in the Desert two years ago. He arrived without family or friends or a job. But Frank had a strong belief that he could find a singing  job and become a musical success.  He started sitting in with any live music group that would let him sing and leaving his promo kit in every place in town that had live music.
Finally, he got a call from Dave Nichols, the CEO of the Indian Wells Resort Hotel who asked Frank to stop by.  Dave had listened to Frank sing by way of the promo kit Frank had dropped off at the front desk of the hotel. The rest is now musical history.  Frank started singing at the Hotel the next week and began drawing people in to hear him each week as word spread in the Valley about Frank's great show.

Fast forward two years and Frank now performs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday to packed houses and rave reviews from all of the Valley entertainment critics.

Frank is much more than just a great singer/performer.  Frank is a very caring and sincere person who is never too busy to help another musician.  As soon as Frank got the job at the Indian Wells Resort Hotel, he started encouraged Dave Nichols to add more live music.  Frank began to introduce some of the best musicians he knew to Dave who had such faith in Frank that he agreed to add more live entertainment one night at a time and give them a chance to prove they could draw music lovers into the hotel.  As a result of Frank's efforts and Dave's willingness to take a chance, the Hotel has live music six nights a week.  Not everyone is aware that Frank DiSalvo is greatly responsible for securing over 30 jobs for wonderfully-talented musicians in in the Valley. Without question, Frank DiSalvo is one of the "Good Guys" of live music, and I personally would like to thank Frank for all his efforts on behalf of all of us who love live music.

As you can see, tonight's show was in front of a packed house and Frank was at his very best.  His songs include dozens of the best songs of Sinatra, Darin, Nat King Cole, Neil Diamond, Matt Monroe and Tony Bennett just to name a few.  He also played some great guitar while singing songs made famous by B.B. King, Glenn Campbell and Johnny Cash

The great Harmonica player, Ron Kalina was in the audience tonight, and Frank asked him to come up to play a song with him.  They played an outstanding duet of the classic, "The Very Thought of You" that received a standing ovation.  If you have not heard Ron Kalina play, you can hear his trio every Tuesday night at the Indian Wells Resort Hotel.


  1. Frank, congrats on this successful show in the desert! Very proud of your accomplishments and faith in our Lord! I remember your singing and playing the guitar at our high school dances!! I tell my high school students many times that we had live bands...not just disk jockeys! :-) Great blog!!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Phil! Frank has one of the most successful shows in the country!

  3. Frank is not only good to his musician friends, he is also a loving and loyal friend to his buddies. A great talent and a greater friend, I'm happy to be among his pals! Andy


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