Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Music Man's 2012 "Coachella Valley Live Music Hall of Fame"

Dreaming Of LaQuinta
Oil by Robert Nicosia
Well the winter music season is just about over and it's time to publish the 2012 "Coachella Valley Live Music Hall Of Fame."  This year has been a wonderful season for live music, and I had the great pleasure to meet and hear the marvelous musicians listed below. I would like to personally thank all of these musicians for the hours of great music they provided me and all the music lovers in the Valley. I know there are other great musicians that I have probably missed and I apologize for any oversights. Please keep the music playing, and I look forward to another great season next winter!

 I would like to give special recognition to two new music venues that excelled in their efforts to support live music in the Desert this past season.

The first is "The Indian Wells Resort" that brought Frank Di Salvo to us last year.  This year they expanded their music program to 6 nights a week to the delight of all of us. I can't wait for next winter to return to this great hotel for more great food and music! For those readers that live in the Desert year-round, please continue to support The Indian Wells Resort so we can keep the live music playing.

The second is "Woody's Burgers & Beer" in  Palm Springs.  Woody's opened this past year and has booked live music 6 nights a week to sell out crowds.  It used the formula of reasonably-priced good food and great music with no cover charge to become one of the hottest music spots in the Desert. Woody's will continue to have live music through the rest of the year, so anyone staying in the Desert, please continue to support this great live music gem!
Eric Lindstrom

Blake White

Pat Rizzo
Steve Madaio
Frank Di Salvo
Ken Steele
Leo Vigil
Yve Evans
Kelly Corbin

Poupee Boccaccio
Bill Saitta
Jack Jones
Dan Papaila
Gino Antonacci
Ron Kalina

Dale Curtis

Beverly Jensen
Missoni Lanza
Larry Holloway
Brian Nova

Mikole Kaar

Josh Parker

Mike Costley

Ted Herman

Ted Herman Big Band

Carole Hampton


Jimmy Dykes

Carolyn Martinez

Barnaby Finch

Ron Kokolj

Tom Kennlyside

Vito Pizzo

Anita Gardner

Aubrey Tadman

Jim DeJulio

Yarak Urant

Rich Bono

Jeanie Stanhope

Jeff Olsen

Andy Fraga Jr.

John Leys

Joe Canoura

Jay Lewis
The Four Freshman

Jenny Irvine

Eleanor Peffley

Michael D'Angelo
Margie Grennan
Ilona Albert

Noel Grennan

Rich Aiello

Sally Skeoch

Mel Albert

Johnny Morris
Earl Knauss
Bill Marx
Lola Rossi
Bobbi Fletcher

Chase Huna

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