Friday, March 29, 2013

Count Basie: Remembering The Jazz Greats: Chapter 11

April In Paris Album
A two months ago I had the pleasure of hearing Yve Evans sing with the Indian Wells Pops Orchestra  doing a tribute to the Count Basie Band. During her performance, Yve mentions some memories she had about the one and only, Joe Williams.  Remembering the Count Basie Band without remembering Joe William can not be done. So I have attached three videos from YouTube for your listening pleasure. The first two tunes are unforgettable Count Basie's signature songs with Joe Williams at the microphone.  Please enjoy the great Count Basie with Joe Williams playing first "Well Allright, Okay, You Win" and then the Count with Joe singing "Every Day I Have The Blues". The third YouTube is the Count Basie Orchestra playing a song written by the Basie's long time Guitarist, Freddie Green, "Corner Pocket".

                                                  "Well Alright, Okay, You Win"

                                                "Every Day I Have The Blues"


                                                           "Corner Pocket"

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