Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Steve Madaio and Tom Keenlyside Bring A Sold Out Crowd To Their Feet At "The Gardens".

The KM Project Band
Dave Withim, Mike O'Neil, Tom Keenlyside, Andy Fraga Jr., Steve Madaio, Bill Saitta,  Yarek Urant

Tom Keenlyside & Steve Madaio

Tom Keenlyside, Steve Madaio, Andy Fraga Jr, Bill Saitta

David Withim, Mike O'Neil, Tom Keenlyside
Tom Keenlyside, Steve Madaio, Andy Fraga Jr, Bill Saitta

Yarek Urant

Tom, Steve and Andy
The "Standing Room Only" Crowd at The Gardens on El Paseo

From the very moment we arrived at the beautiful "Gardens On El Paseo" in Palm Desert, we could sense an excitement in the air. Tonight was going to be a very special night! Steve Madaio and Tom Keenlyside were about to perform songs from their KM Project's new CD, "Slices".  This CD has not been officially released to the public, but it is causing a buzz throughout the Valley. On this CD, Steve and Tom have carefully selected some of the great songs of the 60's and have recorded each one with their own Jazz interpretation.  Those lucky enough to have had a pre-release opportunity to hear this CD have only expressed rave reviews!  The concert was scheduled to start at 6:00 PM so we arrived early at 4:50 PM in order to get a good seat.  Much to our surprise, about 300 Jazz lovers had the same thought in mind.

The crowd this evening had the kind of  excitement and electricity that would rival any major Jazz event I have attended.  The night's proceeds, (100%) went for the benefit of "Morning Start Center of VNA California, a center for kids who are grieving the loss of their parents.  So the concert was a win-win for children of need and Jazz lovers throughout the Valley.

The program started with Steve's and Tom's interpretation of  Bobbie Gentry's classic "Ode To Billy Joe" which got the concert off to a rousing start and brought the audience to their feet with applause. The audience appreciation of the music never stopped as Steve and Tom played several other songs from their "Slices" CD including Herbie Mann's "Memphis Underground" and Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Free".  The last song they played from "Slices" was the great song written by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards, "Sympathy For The Devil" that brought the house down.

True to their professionalism, Steve and Tom have added some of the very best players in the country as part of the KM Project Band including Bill Saitta on Electric Bass, Mike O' Neil on Guitar, Doug Westfall on piano, Andy Fraga Jr. on Drums, and Yarek Urant on Keyboard.

This night started and ended with an audience that was ready for some world class Jazz sounds and they were not disappointed.

If you missed this concert, you will have another chance to hear Steve Madaio & Tom Keenlyside.  They will be playing with the Coachella Valley Symphony Orchestra on Tuesday April 16.  This very special one time event will be terrific! But a word to the wise, get your tickets early as I expect this show to be sold out. Tickets are $25, $35 and $45 and can be purchased at their website: or by calling 760-360-2222


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