Sunday, March 10, 2013

Live Jazz At Woodhaven County Club on Wednesdays

Bill Saitta, Jeff Olsen, Kelly Corbin, Doug MacDonald
Bill Saitta, Kelly Corbin, Doug MacDonald

Bill Saitta and Kelly Corbin

Jeff Olsen

I learned of a new Jazz venue that opened in the Woodhaven Country Club so I went on Wednesday to find out what the scene was like. What I found out was that you can go there and hear 3 hours of great live Jazz and have a meal size appetizer for $9.95!  Live Jazz in the form of the Bill Saitta Trio with special guest, Kelly Corbin. This trio plays up a storm of Jazz every Wednesday from 6 to 9 in the Vista Lounge.

This was the first time this season that I had a chance to hear Kelly Corbin, and he was better than I remembered.  Kelly is one of the best Tenor Sax players around and plays the keys off his Tenor. Kelly plays a lot with Bill Saitta at other venues, and if you have not heard him play,  you are really missing some great Jazz.  Doug Macdonald was on Guitar tonight, and it was my first time hearing him play. He was very impressive. Doug plays his solos in a very measured and intelligent way without a lot of extra notes,  just a true direct, clear Jazz line. I also thought the construction of his solos were tight and thoughtful and a joy to listen to. His style is very different than most of the other Guitar players here in the Desert.

Bill Saitta continues to not only produce great Jazz on his Bass, but he also is responsible for getting another live Jazz venue open in the Valley.  Bill has become the "Jazz Ambassador" of the Coachella Valley. My hat is off to Bill for keeping  live music alive and growing for all of us!  Also appearing tonight was the always wonderful drummer, Jeff Olsen.  It seems Bill takes Jeff where he goes and with good reason.  Jeff Olsen is one of the best drummers in California.

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