Sunday, March 31, 2013

Olivia Foschi: CD Review "Perennial Dreamer"

I just received a new CD from Olivia Foschi that is really worth listening to.  Olivia is young, but she already paid her dues honing her singing skills, and it shows.  She took her first theory of music class in high school and discovered her passion for Jazz.  She studied at the University of San Francisco and at the same time began collaborating with jazz and folk musicians around the Bay Area.  In 2001 she was given the opportunity to study classical Nepali voice with well-established singer and composer Aavaas. This experience left her eager to explore her voice paying particular attention to color and rhythm.

She moved back to Italy in 2002 and earned a B.A. in English Literature at the John Cabot University in Rome while continuing to take voice lessons with Luisa Cottifogli.  In 2005 she moved on to study jazz voice with Cecilia Izzi at the University of Music in Rome  and nonverbal communication with established singer/songwriter Grazia Di Michele.

The result of all of this experience and study has been injected into her new CD, "Olivia Foschi, Perennial Dreamer". This CD contains a few standards, like the classic Van Heusen/Burke "Here's That Rainy Day" and "Alone Together" from Dietz and Schwartz along with several new songs that Olivia has written. Olivia also did some great arrangements for a lot of the songs on CD.

According to the multi-talented singer, "The CD is supposed to take you to a comfortable, cozy place. I wrote and arranged a lot of the songs and have included some of my favorite standards to even it out." She suggests that we "kick your shoes off and pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy this CD".  An excellent suggestion that I will second!  Olivia Foschi has a wonderful approach to song and her voice is warm, rich and full.  She sings, writes both melody and lyric, arranges and knows what it takes to make great music!  I am sure we will all hear more from Olivia in the near future.

This CD was released on March 11 and if you like great jazz music and singing, get your hands on this CD.

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