Sunday, February 3, 2013

CD: Pre-Release Review: Scott Ramminger "Advice From A Father To A Son"

A new CD from Scott Ramminger, "Advice From A Father To A Son" will bring happiness to any Blues fan especially those fans that like New Orleans Blues. Scott Ramminger is a singer/songwriter/sax man who has written 10 wonderful new songs for this CD and gathered a group of very talented musicians to perform them. Scott is based in Washington DC, but grew up in Huntsville, Al with diverse musical influences.  You can hear all of those influences in these 10 songs that are firmly rooted in New Orleans style Blues and yet, contain parts of R & B and good old Southern Rock and Roll. After listening to this CD a few times, it occurred to me that a lot of the songs on this CD would be perfect material for some of the Blues greats performing today. Not that he needs anyone to write material for him, but in my opinion, some of these songs fit the great Paul McCartney perfectly. Scott Ramminger is a major songwriting talent. According to Scott "Once I dug into the blues, I knew I had found my home base. But a lot of other music also informs my writing, singing and playing. That's one reason I really dig most anything that comes out of New Orleans. The Blues is at the heart of that music".  

Scott Ramminger has already won many awards for his playing and music writing but, in my opinion, there will be a lot more major awards coming his way as a result of this CD.

Scott brought together a large group of musical talents from New Orleans, Nashville and DC to record this CD.  I have listed members of the group below:

Scott Ramminger, vocals, tenor and baritone sax
Shane Theriot, guitar
David Torkanowsky,piano/organ/synth
George Porter Jr, bass
The McCrary Sisters: Regina, Ann and Alfreda, vocals
Etta Britt, vocals
Dave Chappell, guitar
Jay Turner, Bass
Barry Hart, drums
Tommy Lepson, organ
Brian Simms, electric piano
Jon Carroll, piano
Vince McCool, trumpet
Jim McFalls, trombone
Patty Reese, Jenny Poppen and Anne Holloway, vocals

This CD was produced by Scott Ramminger and Mike Harvey and will be released to the public on February 26, 2013.

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