Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Carolyn Martinez Very Impressive at Vicky's of Santa Fe in Indian Wells, Ca

Carolyn Martinez

Roger King, Carolyn Martinez,Larry Holloway and David Ring
(Photo by Herb Koenig)

Roger King, Larry Holloway, David Ring
Carolyn Martinez has been singing to large crowds at Vicky's of Santa Fe in Indian Wells on Thursday nights. I had the opportunity to hear Carolyn sing over the past couple years and have always been impressed with her voice and the way she approaches lyrics. Carolyn is one of the few singers today that can sing lyrics with believable emotion convincing the listener that the lyric is really part of their personal life story. Carolyn is a joy to listen to and she sings only the best of songs from the "Great American Songbook". On Thursday evening, Carolyn impressed her audience singing many American classics and also sang several songs in Portuguese and Spanish. In my opinion, she is the best singer of Jobim in Desert.

Carolyn's voice reminds me of the great voice of singing star Eydie Gorme, but Carolyn's voice is younger, softer and her range is very impressive.

Carolyn was joined tonight by three top musicians, David Ring on Piano, Larry Holloway on Bass and Roger King on Drums.  David Ring has been performing in the Desert area for quite a while but I never really heard him play for an entire evening until tonight. He is a great Piano player, and his Jazz solos were fresh, new and remarkably constructed. A real treat for any Jazz fan.  Larry Holloway just keeps impressing his audiences with his outstanding Bass playing. Tonight was the first time that I got to heard Roger King play drums, and he did an impressive job playing soft when required and never missing a beat when the music got hot.

Carolyn and her group appear at Vicky's every Thursday from 6:30 to 10:00.  I understand that on February 17 the group will move to Sunday nights from 6:30 to 10:00.  Don't miss the chance to hear Carolyn sing, you will not be disappointed.    

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  1. Thanks so much Robert for the fabulous review! It was wonderful to see you - welcome back to the desert! Just a quick correction- we play every Thursday night (not Wednesday) until February 7, then we move to Sunday nights. xoxox Carolyn


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