Monday, February 11, 2013

Ron Kalina Still Impressing Large Audience At Frank's Place In Indian Wells Resort Hotel

Ron Kalina
Judy Wolman and Ron Kalina
Larry Holloway, Ron Kalina, Gino Antonacia and Frank DiSalvo

Ken Steele, Ron Kalina and Gino Antonacia. Does anyone know those three guys in the background?
Larry Holloway, Carole Hampton Ron Kalina and Gino Antonacia
Rose Kingsley, Judy Wolman and Gino Antonacia
Ron Kalina's "Harmonica Convergence" continues to draw large crowds from all over the Valley on Tuesday nights at Frank's Place in the Indian Wells Resort Hotel.  And it's no wonder, hearing Ron play Harmonica at levels few have ever reached is only part of the performance.  Ron also plays songs on Keyboard from the Great American Songbook as good as anyone. Believe it not, Ron sometimes plays Harmonica and Keyboard at the same time. There is no doubt that Ron Kalina is one of the best living Harmonica players in the country.  What also surprises his audience is that Ron is an excellent singer.  So he is a triple threat, plays Harmonica and Keyboard and sings!

I love the sound of great songs being played on the Harmonica and Ron only choices the best of the best classic American standards to play.  Tonight, Ron asked Judy Wolman who was in the audience to come up and play keyboard for Ron while he played "My Funny Valentine"on Harmonica.  Together they made wonderful music for all of us.  This classic played by every great musician from the beginning of time never sounded better!

Part of the fun of live Jazz in the Desert is no matter where you go, you are sure to be surprised by someone in the audience stepping up to the mike to sit in with the band. Tonight was no exception as the Desert favorite Ken Steele was called up by Ron to sing a couple of songs.  Ken has a wonderfully soft and glorious voice and a smooth style that always leaves the listener wanting to hear more. Right after Ken performed, another Desert favorite, Carole Hampton stepped up to sing a couple of her signature songs to the great delight of the audience.  Carole has been under the weather for a while but it is clear from her performance tonight that she is back in her groove again! At the end of the evening, Rose Kingsley stepped up to the mike and sang for us. I just met Rose this evening and was so glad I got to hear her sing. Rose is the Artistic Director/Founder of the International Opera Institute.  I look forward to hearing Rose sing some classical songs from Operas in the near future.              

Quite a display of talent in Frank's Place tonight but the icing on the cake was when the "Captain" of Frank's Place, Frank DiSalvo joined the group playing guitar and then singing a couple of songs with Ron's trio. Not everyone knows it, but Frank is largely responsible for getting the live music explosion started at the Indian Wells Resort Hotel. Frank, I would like to personally thank you on behalf of all of the great musicians here in the Valley for working selflessly to provide more venues for live jazz here in the Desert!

Ron Kalina's Trio appears every Tuesday from 6:00 to 9:00 at Frank's Place. Be sure to catch this wonderful musical experience and call Manny at 760-340-6466 ext. 7584 for reservations.

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