Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Johnny Morris Brings His World Class Piano Playing to Backstreet Bistro

Lenny Kaye and Johnny Morris

Michael D' Angelo and Johnny Morris

Frank DiSalvo and Johnny Morris

Johnny Morris
Johnny Morris opened at Backstreet Bistro on  Monday, February 4 and will continue to appear at Backstreet Bistro on Monday evenings starting at 5:30 pm for the rest of the season. Johnny is a great pianist who is loved by all his loyal fans.  He is a true gentleman and a nice guy! How many musicians have you seen performing here in the desert wearing a jacket and tie?

Every time I hear Johnny perform, I am always awed by how good he is.  His ability to play any requests, from Jazz to Classical, is nothing short of amazing. And, if that isn't enough to impress you, he performs all his music and sings every lyric without a written musical note in sight!

Attending tonight's opening to support Johnny were many of the Valley's best musicians.  Three favorite Valley singers, Lenny Kaye, Michael D'Angelo and Frank DiSalvo, sang a few songs with Johnny providing the perfect piano support. It's so great to see performers supporting other performers!

Johnny's piano playing qualifies him to perform in all of the very best places in the country, and he has. In the summer, Johnny lives in Connecticut and performs regularly at Bernard's, a four-star French Restaurant in Ridgefield.  Johnny plays there every week on Friday and Saturday at 7:00 pm and also for Sunday brunch.  He also has performed at all the upscale restaurants in New York City like the Oak and Edwardian Rooms, the Plaza, the Hotel Carlyle and the Rainbow Room.

You can also hear Johnny at Cunard's Sandbar in La Quinta every Tuesday and Sunday at 6:00 pm. Do yourself a favor and get out to hear Johnny; he is a real musical treasure!


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