Monday, April 4, 2016

Yve Evans Makes a Spectacular Return to Backstreet Bistro

Yve Evans gave her first Backstreet Bistro performance of the winter season to the delight of her fans and friends who packed into Backstreet's outside patio Tuesday night.  Yve recently had a medical procedure that delayed her performance schedule but you would never know it when you listened to her play and sing.  I have written about Yve many times on this blog and honestly it's difficult to come up with words that describe what a brilliant, talented and unique musician she is.  I will just say that Yve is special, very special.

Yve has a  pure, strong voice that can be as sweet as silky honey,  and, yet, she can sing the Blues as good as anyone.  Her phrasing is dead-on perfect, absolutely as good as Sinatra, Ella and Sarah but she copies no one.  Yve has a beautiful, unique singing style that is all her own and that's what makes Yve so loved by her legions of fans.

As much as I enjoy Yve's singing, I also believe that she is one of the best keyboard players today, playing great standards and Blues from the "Great American Songbook".  And if singing and playing brilliantly is not enough to convince you of her world-class musical talents, Yve also sprinkles some of the funniest comedy around her lyrics and music!

Yve has been performing in the Desert for over 20 years, and she truly is a musical gift to any music lover.  It's so great to have Yve back performing again, and we all wish her a lifetime of good health.

I am very excited to attach two "YouTube" videos I was able to capture at Tuesday night's performance for you to hear and see Yve's wonderful singing and playing at a live performance.  The first one is a remarkable performance of "With These Hands" that I think is stunningly good.  The second is a performance of the Blues evergreen "Stormy Monday" that Yve captures and makes it her own.

Tonight Yve was supported beautifully by two of the best and most popular musicians in the Southern California area;  Bill Saitta on Bass and Jay Lewis on Drums.


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