Sunday, April 10, 2016

Trish Hatley & Barney McClure Making Great Music on Mondays at Woody's in Palm Springs, CA

Trish Hatley and Barney McClure have been holding down the Monday spot at Woody's Beer and Berger in Palm Springs, CA for a long time.  Once you hear the musical magic they create every Monday it is easy to understand why they remain so popular.  Even in April when a lot of visitors leave the desert, there are few, if any,  open seats for their show. 

Ever since I first saw them perform at Woody's,  I have been a fan.  Seeing them again on April 4th,  I was again impressed with the way they have musically grown together.  Knowing both of these musicians might lead you to believe that they wouldn't musically fit.....not true.  

Trish Hatley has a strong, beautiful voice and an original style that allows her to present lyrics that immediately impact the listener.  She has the ability to sing beautiful ballads and, yet,  can swing with the best of singers on the scene today.  Her phrasing is always perfect,  and it is her own and that's what makes her special.  Together with being a vocal perfectionist Trish also adds some comedy into her performance.  The interaction between her and Barney is very good and very entertaining.  These two handle the back and forth like the experienced pros they are.

Barney McClure arrived on the Desert music scene several years ago and he has quickly become a favorite performer.  Barney's approach to Jazz piano is terrific but unusual.  Barney is self- taught for the most part, and, therefore, he plays with more freedom to experiment that most other Jazz pianists.  Because Trish is such a seasoned vocalist, she has the ability to blend into Barney's unpredictable directions, and this results in marvelous music.

If you have not had the pleasure of hearing Trish and Barney, I have attached two "YouTubes" so you can experience their performance.  Trish Hatley and Barney McClure will continue to appear at Woody's until the end of June.   

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  1. Just wonderful, both of them! Thanks for posting!


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