Friday, April 8, 2016

Tenor Sax Great, Don Menza Helps Close a Highly Successful Jazz Concert Series at Pete Carlson's Golf & Tennis Shop

Don Menza, Chris Connor & Dick Weller

Friday night, April 1, the great Tenor Sax player, Don Menza performed to the delight of a capacity crowd at Pete Carlson's Golf and Tennis store in Palm Desert, CA.  Menza's performance marked the last weekend of wonderful Jazz that was part of the Jazz Lovers Series.  Under the guidance and financial support of Pete Carlson, over 40 different Musician groups have performed live Jazz concerts in his store.

Don Menza is a living Tenor legend having played with many of the great Jazz stars over the past 40 years including many years with the Buddy Rich Band.  His reputation brought out many of the current top performing musicians to Pete Carlson's tonight to hear him. I wish some of the younger Tenor Jazz players could have been here tonight to hear how a great Jazz Tenor plays and sounds.  It turns out that Don's favorite Tenor player growing up was the great Stan Getz and tonight's program consisted of a tribute to the music of Stan Getz.  In addition to some outstanding playing, Don entertained the audience with many personal stories about Getz.  Many in the audience knew Don and their response to his solos proved that he is still very much loved by his fans.

Don brought together some talented musicians tonight including his long-time trumpter and playing partner, Don Rader.  Crowd favorite, Chris Conner was on Bass, Dick Weller on Drums, and an outstanding piano player named Theo Saunders.  Together, this group created magic tonight!

I was able to take a video of one of the band's numbers that I think you will enjoy!  If you didn't catch any of the Jazz at Pete Carlson, you missed a lot of close-up great music, all at a minimal cost.  I will try to notify everyone as soon as I get a copy of next season's Jazz performances. 

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