Monday, June 29, 2015

CD Review: Deborah Latz "sur I'instant"

Take a look at the picture of Deborah Latz on the front of her new CD, "sur I'instant".  She looks like a happy and carefree person, right?  I think these personality traits present themselves when she sings. I had never heard Deborah sing before this CD but after listening to her sing a couple of times, it feels like I have known her all my musical life.  Deborah has a clear voice and perfect pitch and when combined with her sensitivity and interpretive skills makes her a major-league Jazz vocal star!  Deborah tries to extract from each song its core narrative.  In her words, "With each interpretation I ask myself, Did you tell the story?  ---that's the ultimate goal. I wanted the album to be about focus-to always ask "What is this song?" Deborah has been performing around New York for the past few years.  I recently caught a "YouTube" of her recent performance at the "Blue Note" that you might want to check out.

I am always fascinated by the song selections picked by vocalists for CDs they are recording.  I think it tells a lot about the singer.  I think Deborah's selections match her love for lyric and melody. The mix is perfect for me, some classics and some Jazz compositions that are great stuff but we just don't hear them too often.  Take a look at the list below and you will see what I am talking about.

Deborah spotlights "Weep No More" written by Dave and Lola Brubeck,  "MR. P.C". by John Coltraine with lyrics by Jon Hendricks and Thelonious Monk's "Blue Monk".  These terrific Jazz compositions, combined with some great "Evergreens" make Deborah's interpretation a delight for any listener.

Deborah is greatly supported on this CD by the Marvelous Pianist Alain Jean-Marie and Bassist Gilles Natural.

1. "Love Theme From "Spartacus"          2. "Throw It Away"
3. "Weep No More"                                     4. "All The Things Your Are"
5. "Four"                                                      6. "Blue Monk"
7. "Mr P.C."                                                 8. "Nature Boy"
9. "Over The Rainbow"

Deborah Latz-Vocals
Alain Jean-Marie-Piano
Gilles Naturel-Bass

I have attached a "YouTube" video of Deborah singing the great American classic "All The Things You Are" from her new CD.  The Piano work from Alain Jean-Marie is terrific on this cut.

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