Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Gand Band Rocks The Purple Room Every Friday and Saturday Night

The Gand Band- Sal Frisaura, John Bolivar, Joan Gand and Gary Gand
Joan Gand

John Bolivar

Gary Gand

Tony Grandberry
The Gand Band holds center stage at the newly renovated "Purple Room" every Friday and Saturday night.  I had heard a lot of good reviews about this band but never had an opportunity to hear them.  Well, I can report that the excellent reviews of this rocking band are right on target.  The Gand Band is made up of five wonderfully-talented musicians, Joan Gand who sings, plays keyboards and acts as MC, Gary Gand who plays major league Guitar, the great John Bolivar on Tenor Sax and Flute and on Drums is Desert favorite, Sal Frisaura who also sings.  The fifth member of the band is vocalist Tony Grandberry who really excites the audience with his spectacular energetic singing.  The group specializes in the songs everyone will remember from the 60's through the 90's.  They do Blues and R & B as good as any group I have heard.  This group could have been named "The Gand Gang" because once they start playing they capture the room and take no prisoners!  They play the kind of music that makes people want to dance and the Purple Room has set aside space for a dance floor at the front of the stage, and it will well used by members of the audience throughout the night.  This is one of the hardest working bands I have seen.  They just don't do the same tunes every week.  They prepare different weekly themes so each week their fans can hear new stuff.  This takes hours of time, but The Gand Band is committed to always performing the highest entertainer level.  They never just mail in their performance and I congratulate them for their efforts.  This week their theme was music from TV and the Movies.  How great it is to hear songs from yesteryear that brings back tons of positive memories for all of us.

Joan Gand does an excellent job as the Mistress of Ceremonies for the band and also plays wonderful Keyboard along with singing backup vocals.  She obviously loves to perform and her excitement is a stimulus for the band and the audience.  Gary Gand could undoubtedly play Guitar with any major rock group.  His solos are fresh and inventive and he also simply loves performing.  John Bolivar is a classic style Tenor Sax who plays with abandon.  He fits into this wild group perfectly.  His solos were always bright and spirited and always received massive applause after each one.  The Drummer for the group is Sal Frisaura who has been a Desert favorite for years.  I heard Sal play before and enjoyed his drumming, but I have never seen him as happy as when he plays with this group.  He loves the music and the members of this group which results in a wonderful rhythmic foundation for The Gand Band!  The last member of the band is their vocalist, Tony Grandberry and he is simply an amazing singer.  He can handle ballads with ease and yet he can blow the roof off the building with his performance of up-tempo songs.   I found a "Youtube" video of the Gand Band playing the great Jazz classic, "Broadway" with Tony Grandberry doing the vocal for your listening enjoyment.

I highly recommend a trip over to the Purple Room to hear The Gand Band but be sure to call ahead for reservations as this group frequently sells out.   

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