Thursday, March 26, 2015

Carl Davis Hosts A Spectacular Jazz Bash At THREESIXTY North

Peter White and Carl Davis

On Monday, March 23, Carl Davis hosted a Jazz Bash at Threesixty North and invited a large group of some of the best musicians in Southern California including the marvelous Smooth Jazz Guitarist, Peter White.  According to Carl, he wanted to throw this Jazz Bash to thank all his musician friends and other music lovers who have supported his efforts in the music and dance industries.  Carl owns "The Davis Dance Studio" in Palm Springs, one of the best dance studios in Southern California.  For many years, Carl provided dance instruction every Sunday just before "The Ted Herman Big Band" performs at the Indian Wells Resort Hotel in Indian Wells, CA. Carl has had a life-long interest in music and has been very active using his business skills to help  promote musicians in the Valley.

Tonight's roster of exceptional singers and musicians was enough to satisfy any music fan.  I tried to take as many                  pictures of the performers for this blog, but I know I missed a few and they have my apologies.  This event was more like a Jazz party than a concert.  Lots of fun and great music!  Because of this event's popularity and success with a capacity standing-room only crowd, Carl indicated he may do others in the future and open them up to the public.  He certainly has my vote.

   List of Tonight's Performers:
Johnny Meza, Larry Capeloto, Michael D'Angelo, Paul Elia, Jessie Davis, Darci Daniels, Slim Man, Carolyn Martinez, Tony DiJerlando, Mike Costley, Chase Huna, Peter White, Michael Paulo, Ron Kokco, Gilbert Hanson, Craig Chesnut, Jay Lewis, David Ring, Tony, Victor Roblas and Steve DiTtullio.


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