Tuesday, March 24, 2015

CD Review: Sherry Williams and John Rodby "Just Us Two"

The delicious Sherry Williams has a new CD out with her long-time friend and collaborator, Pianist John Rodby.  Sherry and John have worked together at various gigs since the early 1980's and after listening to this CD, it's clear that they know each other very well.  I have had the pleasure of hearing Sherry sing on several occasions and each time I become more of a devoted fan.  Her voice is heavenly, a mix of all the greats I love including Ella and Sarah. Her style and treatment of lyric is as good as any performer I have ever heard.  Sherry has recorded several CDs in the past to rave reviews, and you can add this CD to the list.  John Rodby is a perfect pianist to support Sherry's phrasing and velvet voice.  He never gets in her way but always provides a supportive background for her.

The selection of songs for this CD is outstanding.  These two excellent musicians just didn't take a casual walk through these songs.  It's obvious that Sherry and John spent many hours working on the approach to each of these musical gems, and the results will please any Jazz lover.  Sherry can swing, but I think the ballads on this CD are as good as you can get.  So, you have one of the best singers in the country performing with one of the best pianists doing great songs out of the Great American Songbook, and you don't own this CD?  You can buy this CD or any other Sherry Williams CD at CDBaby and I highly recommend you do.

1. "It's A Lovely Day Today", Irving Berlin

2. "Social Call", Gigi Gryce, Lee Sears, Bashir Qusim

3. "How Insensitive/If You Never Come To Me", Antonio Carlos Jobin

4. "Yesterdays", Jerome Kern, Otto Harbach

5. "Since I Fell For You", Buddy Johnson

6. "Night And Day", Cole Porter

7. "When Sunny Gets Blue", Jack Segal, Marvin Fisher

8. "Almost Like Being In Love", Frederic Lowe, Alan Jay Lerner

9. "I'll Be Seeing You", Sammy Fain, Irving Kahal

10. "The Puppet Who Dances Be-Bop", Jack Segal, Ivy Irwin

11. "What'll I Do?", Irving Berlin

12. "Fly Me To The Moon", Bart Howard

13. "I Keep Goin' Back To Joe's", Jack Segal, Marvin Fisher 

I have attached a real treat for you.  I found a "YouTube" of Sherry and John performing some great songs from the "Great American Songbook", including Sherry singing her brilliant rendition of my number one greatest song of all times, "The Nearness of You".  Enjoy! 

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