Friday, January 4, 2013

Etta James: Remembering The Jazz Giants, Chapter 10

Etta James, also known as "Peaches", was a giant in Rhythm and Blues and Rock and Roll. She could do it all! During her long career she won six Grammys and 17 Blues Music Awards.  She was born on January 25,1938 and past on January 20, 2012. Etta was inducted into the "Music Hall of Fame" in 1993, into the "Blues Hall of Fame" in 2001 and into the "Grammy Hall of Fame" in both 1999 and 2008.

Etta started singing the blues and made the transition into Rhythm and Blues and then finished her career with what I believe was some of her best work singing great torch songs out of the "Great American Songbook".  That's when I found her, late in her career but still singing like no other singers I had ever heard. Most fans look back to her Blues singing as their reason for loving her so much, but I was just knock over after hearing love songs sung by Etta James.

She made lots of CDs over her long career but I just love three CDs she published late in her brillant singing career.  In particular, these are three classic CDs I love, and I have listed a few cuts that I think are just outstanding:

"Time After Time"  1995
"Everybody's Somebody's Fool"
"The Nearness of You"

"Heart of A Women" 1999
"You Don't Know What Love Is"
"Only Women Bleed"

"Blue Gardenia" 2001
"This Bitter Earth"
"These Foolish Things"
"My Man"

I found three classic Etta James' songs on "Youtube" that I wanted to pass on to you.  After you listen to the three songs I have attached, take some time to research other gems in the Etta James library. It will be a very satisfying effort. 

                                                        "I want a Sunday Kind of Love"



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