Monday, January 28, 2013

Brian Nova Rocks At Woody's In Palm Springs

Brian Nova
Andy Fraga Jr, Brian Nova and Larry Holloway
If you love Jazz, songs from the greatest American songwriters, great guitar playing and great burgers, there is only one place in the Desert that can fill this bill. You can find it all at  Woody's Burgers and Beer in Palm Springs on Wednesday nights. Music lovers have known for a long time that Brian Nova is one of the most talented guitar players working today but few have had the opportunity to see Brian at his very best singing and playing in the perfect venue that allows him the freedom to musically do his thing!  Brian Nova has played with many of the greats in Jazz and take it from me, he is also one of the greats. When it comes to playing jazz guitar, Brian has the fastest hands in the West. His  playing imagination produces solos that are remarkably new, fresh and brilliant. In addition to his wonderful guitar work, Brian is also a great Jazz singer. His singing is original and creative just like his guitar playing. He is another example of the high level of musical talent living and working here in the California Desert. 

Joining Brian in a very supporting role was Larry Holloway on bass.  Larry has been performing in the Desert for only the last couple of years but he has already established himself as one of the great bass players who call the Desert their winter home. His solos are always well constructed and original! Andy Fraga Jr was on drums providing solid support for Brian together with Larry.  Andy was terrific as the drummer at the recent "Count Basie Tribute" and he continues to impress his audiences with his solid drumming. Also sitting in to sing a few songs tonight was Desert favorite, Carol Hampton. Carol has a wonderful voice and stage presence that few singers can match,

Brian and his group play at Woody's Burgers and Beer every Wednesday night. So put next Wednesday at Woody's on your "To Do" list for great Jazz and great food also. 

Carole Hampton, Andy Fraga Jr., Brian Nova and Larry Holloway

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