Wednesday, April 15, 2020

CD Review: Keith Oxman and Houston Person Release "Two Cigarettes in the Dark"

Saxophonist, Composer and Educator Keith Oxman has produced some great Jazz CDs over the years by collaborating with some of the greatest Jazz players including Tenor Saxophonist Dave Liebman, Trombonist Curtis Fuller and Alto Saxophonist Charles McPherson.  On his newest CD release, "Two Cigarettes in the Dark", Oxman has brought in the esteemed Tenor Sax player, Houston Person to join him.  Jazz giant Charles McPherson wrote the liner notes for "Two Cigarettes in the Dark" pointing out the stylistic contrast between the sounds of the two Tenors, comparing "Keith's long, flowing lines" to "Houton's warm, rich tone".   This CD has a warm and relaxed vibe and these two superb Tenor players melded perfectly together in every cut on the album.  No competition here, just mutual respect for each other's musical skills.

The playlist is interesting in that it featuring Originals, Standards and Vintage Tunes.  Keith brought along veteran Vocalist Annette Murrell to sing two of the Standards, "Everything Happens to Me" and "Crazy He Calls Me".   She sings these ballads like she has lived them.  Her rich, deep voice is filled with life experience and, she fits perfectly between these two Tenor greats! 

Keith Oxman- Tenor Sax
Houston Person- Tenor Sax
Annette Murrell- Vocals
Jeff Jenkins- Piano
Ken Walker- Bass
Paul Romaine- Drums

 1. "I've Never Been In Love Before"
2.  "Voss Is Bass"
3. "Everything Happens To Me"
4. "Two Cigarettes In The Dark"
5. "Bossa For Baby"
6. "Murphy's Law Impacts L.E.A.P."
7. "Crazy He Calls Me"
8. "Wind Chill"
9.  "Sweet Sucker"
10. "Murrellancholy" 

  "I've Never Been In Love Before"

                                                       "Everything Happens to Me"

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