Thursday, February 8, 2018

Yve Evans Is Welcomed Back to Backstreet Bistro By Her Loving Fans

Jay Lewis, Henry Franklin and Doug McDonald

Henry Franklin, Doug McDonald and Yve Evans

Backstreet Bistro in Palm Desert, CA has great Jazz performers every Tuesday evening but no one draws a bigger crowd
of Jazz lovers than Yve Evans!  The reasons why Yve has tons of fans in the Coachella Valley is first and foremost, she is:"The Jazz singer who sets the standard for all other Jazz singers".  Yve has a beautiful, pure voice that puts her in the same company as Ella and Sarah and her phrasing and sense of timing are second to none.   Second, Yve can do it all: Blues, Pop, R & B and Latin without hesitation.  She has the respect of every musician she plays with not only because of her platinum reputation, but because they all know that when Yve's driving the Band,  she can and will make changes at a moments notice so they are always challenged to be ready and they love it!  Third, Yve has an amazing sense of humor and works it into her performances seamlessly. And lastly,  Yve has a loving, caring personality that she projects to everyone who meets her.    Once you meet Yve, you will become a fan forever!

Yve, as you would image, is a highly sought after musician and she plays at many venues in and out of California.  As busy as she is, she never forgets her fans at Backstreet Bistro and tries to appear there at least one Tuesday every month.  She also performs regularly at Woody's Palm House in Palm Springs, usually on Tuesdays.  No trip to the Valley would be complete without seeing Yve perform at least once.

Tonight's program was put together by another Valley favorite, Drummer Jay Lewis,  and he was joined by two of the best Musicians in the West, Guitar player Doug McDonald and Bass player, Henry "Skipper" Franklin.

I found a "Youtube" of Yve playing and singing at the 2017 Monterey Jazz Bash by the Sea that will give you a good example of how good a performer she is.  I know you will enjoy it!


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