Thursday, February 22, 2018

CD Review: Andrew Distel, "It Only Takes Time"

There does seem to be something of a tradition of trumpet players who are also singers.  Now we can add Andrew Distel to this impressive list.  In Distel's CD, "It Only Takes Time" he sings 11 beautiful songs including two that he composed, "Wait for Me" and "Your Last Song".  Andrew Distel has a wonderful, smooth delivery and a rich, pure voice that reminds me of one of my favorite singers, Kenny Rankin.  His voice and delivery also remind me of Chet Baker.  Now if you are a young Jazz vocalist having these two Jazz Vocalists as heroes is perfect!  Trumpet player, Composer and Arranger Andrew Distel is already a major part of the Chicago Jazz scene and as soon as you listen to the two "YouTube" cuts below you won't have to ask why.  The first one is "Alfie" and the second one is a tune Andrew wrote "Your Last Song".

True to the tradition of all Jazz Pros, Andrew has enlisted some outstanding musicians to join him on this CD.  The impressive list includes Peter Martin who performed on and arranged Diane Reeve's Grammy winning CD, "Good Night and Good Luck"  Carlos Enriquez is a regular in the Wynton Marsalis Septet and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.  

"It Only Takes Time" is a winner CD that introduces Andrew Distel as Vocalist and Trumpet player who is surely headed for greatness. 

1. "Speak Low"
2. "Alfie"
3. "One Morningstar Away"
4. "Amor"
5. "Wait For Me"
6. "Who Cares"
7. "Too Soon To Tell"
8. "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"
9. "Your Last Song"
10. "Into Each Life"
11 "You Are There"

Andrew Distel- Vocals, Trumpet
Peter Martin- Piano
Carlos Enriquez- Bass
George Fludas- Drums
Geraldo De Oliveira- Percussionist
Raphael Crawford- Trombone
Dave Onderdonk- Guitar
Jim Gailloretto- Woodwinds
Howard Levy- Harmonica
Brian Schwab- Trumpet

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