Saturday, January 14, 2017

Jazz is Hot and Live at "Jazz For Jazz Lovers" at Pete Carlson's Golf and Tennis Store in Palm Desert, CA

Rob Lockart, Jonathan Richards, Clay Jenkins, Pete Carlson, Bill Cunliffe and Joe Labarbera
                                                              Picture Courtesy of Ashton Khachigian

The "Jazz for Jazz Lovers" music series at Peter Carlson's Golf and Tennis Store is in full swing.  On Saturday January 7, 2017, Pete hosted "The Joe Labarbera Quintet"  featuring Joe Labarbera on Drums, Clay Jenkins on Trumpet, Rob Lockart on Saxophone, Bill Cunliffe on Piano and Jonathan Richards on Bass.  The Jazz was spectacular and well appreciated by the standing room only crowd that was in attendance.  Joe Labarbera is recognized across the US and in Canada as one of the top Drummers performing today.  Tonight, he proved why he gets high praise from both Jazz lovers and Jazz professional musicians.  Joe put on a clinic of Drum skills,  not only on up-tempo tunes but also on ballads.  I am sure you don't hear the word sensitive when describing a great Drummer but this word fits Joe's playing to a tee.  What impressed me even more was Joe's ability to fit into his Quintet perfectly without under playing or over playing.  He always provided a balance with his four playing partners.

The musicians in Joe's Quintet were all solid gold Jazz guys starting with  the well-known superb Trumpet player, Clay Jenkins.  I am sure many of you have heard Clay play but to hear him in person playing with freshness and clarity is a super treat!   Bill Cunliffe was terrific on piano and because Joe and he have been friends for years, the flow between them is dead-on great.  Rob Lockart has also been with Joe for years, and he brings his own magic to this group.  His improvising is unusual, fresh and clear.  The last member of tonight's quintet was a young Bass player, Jonathan Richards.  Joe had heard Jonathan play a couple of times and decided to have him fill in whenever possible.  Jonathan may be young but he plays terrific Bass and Joe gave him many opportunities to solo to the delight of the audience.

Pete Carlson and his wife Edna are two of the most generous and well-loved people in the Desert.  They put in a tremendous effect in time and money to keep this Jazz series going.  All the profits from the concerts that go on throughout the winter season are donated to support music education and scholarships for young musicians in the Coachella Valley.  Stop by Pete's store and get a schedule and tickets to future shows.  Think about this, the people who attended this great Jazz performance only had to pay $25 dollars that's just $5.00 per member of this quintet......Where can you get a better live Jazz deal than this?

I found and attached a "Youtube" of "The Joe Labarbera Quintet" that I know you will enjoy.  This "Youtube" was recorded at Alva's Showroom on 1/19/2003.  The players on it are Joe on Drums, Clay Jenkins on Trumpet, Bill Cunliffe on Piano, Bob Sheppard on Tenor and Tom Washington on Bass.


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