Monday, March 26, 2018

Drummer Jay Lewis puts together a Great Jazz Trio with Bill Saitta and Micha Schellhaas

Tuesday is always Jazz night at Backstreet Bistro and there always seems to be musical surprises.  This season, talented and popular Drummer, Jay Lewis has been putting together different groups each week and it has been a highly successful Jazz season.  Tonight,  Jay introduced a young and talented Dutch Guitarist, Micha Schellhaas to the Desert Jazz scene.  With veteran musical support from Jay on Drums and Bill Saitta on Bass, they allowed Mischa to show his stuff.  It's so interesting to hear musicians from different countries play Jazz because there are always some different, interesting approaches to American classic tunes.  The group performed wonderfully including some super Blues singing from Bill!  The reception from the audience was excellent which is usually the case at Backstreet Bistro because this is where ardent Jazz fans hang out on Tuesdays.  And the food and service are also excellent.  Always call for a reservation because there are seldom any empty seats on Jazz Tuesdays.

I have heard from many followers of the Music Man Blog that they really enjoy having some live music to listen to at the end of each blog.  Since I don't have any recording from this particular group that features the talented Micha Schellhaas, I decided to attach a "YouTube" of one of the most admired Jazz Guitar players in American Jazz History.  Please enjoy, Joe Pass playing "All The Things You Are" with Stephen King on Bass.

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