Friday, March 9, 2018

CD Review: The Jeff Hamilton Trio, "Live From San Pedro"

As Drummer, Arranger and Leader of the Jeff Hamilton Band, Jeff Hamilton has just released a new CD with his amazing trio, "Live From San Pedro".  To say this is a great Jazz album would be an understatement because everything I have ever heard from Jeff Hamilton is great.  The Jeff Hamilton Trio consists of Tamir Hendelman on Piano and Christoph Luty on Bass.  These  gentlemen are among the best Jazz musicians performing today. Putting them all together with Jeff Hamilton's leadership is nothing short of spectacular! Tamir Hendelman is without question one of the greatest Jazz pianists performing today, and I search out anything new he does.  Christoph Luty is one of only a handful of Bassists who can meet Jeff Hamilton's driving, extraordinary rhythmic control and  stop-on-a dime arrangements.  He makes it look easy.  This trio is a swing machine and even with Jeff Hamilton's tight control over detail,  the Trio always sounds free and creatively inspired.  Perfectly framed improvisations never seem restrictive for this trio.  This is exactly what every Jazz Trio should reach for.

This Cd will no doubt be one of the best Jazz releases this year.   The Cd is being released on February 16 and it's not to be missed.  Thank you Jeff for continuing to release only the highest quality Jazz of recordings.   I have to also mention that Jeff continues to support a lot of creative releases with young up-and-coming artists. Here is a Jazz artist that never forgets to give back to the next generations of Jazz performers!

I found a "YouTube" of one of the tracks on the CD, "Sybille's Day".  It swings from beginning to end.

1. "Sybille's Day"
2. "Poinciana"
3. "Hammer's Tones"
4. "I Have Dreamed"
5. "In Walked Bud"
6. "Gina's Groove"
7. "Brush This"
8. " Bennissimo"
9. "Gary Indiana"
10. "Hoosier Friend"

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