Sunday, October 29, 2017

CD Review: Kellye Gray, "Rendering"

"Rendering" is a new CD released on June 30, 2017 by Jazz vocalist, Kellye Gray.  The first time I played this CD I was literally stunned by the soulful and powerful voice and style of Kellye Gray.  The feel and sound of the songs on this CD are nothing short of superb.  Kellye has had a long and rewarding career and has recorded over seven albums as a leader.  Her first recording "Standards in Gray" was released 25 years ago to rave reviews and it launched her music career.  This album had been out of print for over 23 years when the record label that owned the rights gave her ownership
of the master.  This pushed Kellye to look back at her artistic life and she decided to re-record many of the same songs that appeared on that first release.  The title of her new CD, "Rendering" came from the dictionary definition, "A depiction or interpretation; work of art or performance that portrays something".  This CD is a work of art that portrays Kellye's growth as an artist.  To complete the circle for listeners of this new CD, Kellye also re-released "Standards in Gray" and packaged the two CDs together as a kind of snapshot of then and now.

According to Kellye, "As a Jazz musician, the most exciting thing about the music is its spontaneity, so this new CD was recorded before a small live audience with open mikes and no headphones.  All the tunes were done in one take with no stopping".  The results are spectacular!  Every song on this CD is a winner, Jazz vocals just about perfect.  Kellye Gray is "Sinatra" like in the way she handles lyrics,  she takes words and turns them into real life moments.

Supporting Kellye on this CD is a group of great Jazz professionals, Pamela York, Piano; David Craig, Bass; Sebastian Whittaker, Drums; Warren Sneed, Saxophone; Andre Hayward, Trombone.  Trying to select one track to share with you was near impossible because there is so much good stuff on this CD.  So I attached two "YouTubes" for you to savor.  The first one is a Billie Holiday inspired song "Don't Explain".  The second "YouTube" is the Blues classic, "I've Got A Right To Sing the Blues".

1.  "Don't Explain"
2.  "I've Got A Right To Sing The Blues"
3.  "Morning"
4.  "Out Blows Me"
5. "A Time For Love"
6.  "God You Make Me Wonder"
7.  "How Long Has This Been Going On"
8.  "How Insensitive"
9.  "Good Morning Heartache"

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