Saturday, October 7, 2017

CD Review; John Daversa, "Wobbly Dance Flower"

John Daversa is without question one of the most creative and talented Jazz Trumpet playerS performing today.  But that is just the tip of the Jazz iceberg. Daversa's new Album, "Wobbly Dance Flower" is his newest project that proves his composing and arranging skills are also outstanding.  Daversa's Album just released on September 22, 2017 is filled with substance and heart and the music is pure fun, exactly what John believes music should create.  He also believes that making music is about relationships, so he brought some of his old friends together to join him to make the music.  John's key collaborator on the Album is legendary sax and bass Clarinetist Bob Mintzer.  Daversa and Mintzer give the listener a master class in dexterity and the art of Jazz that every young Jazz student could learn from.

John Daversa has a great reverence for the Jazz tradition, but he's not content to rehash old tropes.  He wanted to imbue "Wobbly Dance Flower" with substance and heart, but also wanted the music to be fun and engaging.  He has accomplished both objectives in this Album!  Daversa composed all of the songs on this Album with the exception of the bebop standard "Donna Lee".  We have frequently heard that "Jazz is a dying art" but Daversa's playing and composing let everyone know that the reports of the death of Jazz are greatly exaggerated!  This Album should be heard and studied by all young aspiring Jazz players.

John Daversa, Trumpet, EVI
Bob Mintzer, Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet, EWI
Zane Carney, Guitar
Joe Bagg, Piano, Hammond B3 Organ
Jerry Watts, Jr, Bass, U-Bass
Gene Cole, Drums

1. "Ms Turkey"
2. "Donna Lee"
3. "Be Free"
4. "Brooklyn Still"
5. "Wobbly Dance Flower"
6. "Jazz Heads"
7. "Meet Me At The Airport"
8. "You Got A Puppy?'
9. "Extra Credit"

I have attached a "YouTube" of John Daversa's group playing the first cut of the CD, "Ms Turkey"  that says it all about the creative writing, arranging and playing style of John Daversa.  Hope you enjoy it!

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