Sunday, January 31, 2016

Carolyn Martinez Sings and Swings at Vicky's With The Bob Corwin Trio

Thursday nights at Vicky's of Santa Fe Restaurant are owned by Carolyn Martinez with her beautiful voice and the marvelous Bob Corwin Trio.  Carolyn has been performing at Vicky's and other music venues in the Desert for the last few years but her voice and phrasing just keep getting better and better every year.  Carolyn has the ability to bring a lyric to life and convince her listeners that she is actually telling her own life stories.   Carolyn has developed a large and loyal following our the past few years and it's understandable as she really connects with her audience.  She also makes sure she has only the best of the best players to support her.  The Bob Corwin Trio is an exceptional musically-talented trio that works perfectly with Carolyn's voice and arrangements.   Bob Corwin is the kind of piano player every singer dreams of.  He is supportive, and, yet,never overshadows the singer when he gets a chance to solo.  I have never heard better.  Tonight, Danny Flahive on Bass was simply out of sight.  He had several solos that proved again that he is one of the best Bass players in the country.  Tonight was the first time I had a chance to hear Craig Chestnut play Drums and he was great.  His touch and sense of timing never faltered.  

I attempted to record a small part of the performance so you can get a feel of Carolyn's voice and style and also hear how well the trio supports her.  It's my first attempt to post a live video on one of my review blogs and hope you find it enjoyable.

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