Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bill Saitta Produces A Great New Sound: JazzGrass" at Palm Desert Greens Country Club

Jeremie Levi Samson, Bill Saitta and Bob Hamilton

Barnaby Finch, Don Reed, Jeff Olsen,Lily McCabe, Bill Saitta and Sean Longstreet

                                                Bill Saitta, Don Reed, Lily McCabe. Sean Longstreet

On Saturday night, January 16, "Bill Saitta Music" presented a wonderful new music sound that might be a new experience for a lot of music lovers here in the Coachella Valley.  Bill calls the music "JazzGrass" and it consists of a blend of Jazz and Blue Grass.  The result is a rather infectious sound that is guaranteed to get your feet moving and your spirits soaring!

The night opened with a trio of Bob Hamilton on Guitar, Jeremie Levi Samson on Violin and Bill Saitta on Bass.  Bill's trio set the tempo for the evening and introduced for the first time to many in the audience French Violinist, Jeremie who was nothing short of fantastic.  In my opinion, Jeremy is one of the best Jazz violinists I have ever heard.  His dexterity and tone were perfect and after hearing him tonight, I have no doubt he is ready for prime time performances.  Don't miss any chance to see him.  You may be able to catch him at Backstreet Bistro on Tuesday nights where he like to sit in with Bill.

The next group of outstanding musicians led by Barnaby Finch took the stage after Bill's Trio finished.  This group consisted of Barnaby Finch on Piano and Conducting,  the great Don Reed on Guitar, Mandolin and Dobro, Lily McCabe on Fiddle,  Jeff Olsen on Drums, Sean Longstreet on Guitar and Bill Saitta on Electric Bass.  The sounds of this group were new, fresh and explosive.   As I looked around the sold-out audience of 200+, I could not see anyone sitting still.  This music makes you want to clap your hands and stomp your feet.  It was a great evening of music, excellent food and good old fun.  I particularly enjoyed the solos from Barnaby that were outstanding riffs enjoyed by both Jazz and Blue Grass fans.


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  1. Hey Bob, Jeremie is playing again tomorrow at Old Town La Quinta's First Thursdays concert series. Should be a great Gypsy Jazz set, March 7th from 5-8. jacquelinehb (at)


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