Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Deanna Bogart Brings Down the House at Woody's in Palm Springs

Chuck Alvarez, Jeff Olson, Bill Saitta and Deanna Bogart
Deanna Bogart

Chuck Alvarez
Jeff Olson
Steve Sarandos
                                                           Debbie Davies, Bill Saitta and Deanna Bogart

I first heard Deanna Bogart play Sax last year when she sat in with Pat Rizzo any played a few tunes.  I thought she was exceptional  talented and so did Pat.  No one sits in with "The Riz" unless they have some chops.  As soon as I found out that Deanna had a regular Wednesday gig at Woody's great Jazz Club in Palm Springs, I decided to catch her act.  I called for a reservation only to find out that her show was sold out.  I decided to call the owner of Woody's, Wayne Woodliff and ask if he would do me a favor and find me a spot.  I arrived at Woody's about 6:00 PM, one hour before the show, and the entertainment room was already packed.  I knew I was about to see and hear something special.  We were not disappointed as Deanna rocked the place from the first note she played on the Keyboard.  In addition to Sax, Deanna plays Keyboard and sings like a Blues angel.  Deanna loves making music and she transfers her love of performing directly to the audience that was totally captured by her performance.  Tonight, Deanna had invited a special guest, renown guitarist, Debbie Davies, to join her and the marvelous guitar wizard Chuck Alvarez,  everyone's favorite bass player Bill Saitta on Electric Bass and marvelous Jeff Olson on Drums.  I have never heard the level of excitement as high as Deanna brought it tonight.  She is a musical dynamo with unlimited energy.  Over and above that she exhibits "Sprezzaturo" with her incredible mastery of her craft and the effortless ability of her performance.

Deanna had always know what she wanted to do.  She posted the following on her web-site "Around the  age of six, she was "gently removed" from the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music for playing piano by ear instead of learning to read music.  While in middle school, Deanna yearned to play the Sax.  Typical of those times though, she was told, Girls play the Clarinet, not the sax."  Thankfully, nothing could stop Deanna from creating her own music.  Deanna has created her own style of music by blending the best of Boogie-Woogie, contemporary Blues, Country and Jazz into what she calls "Blusion".  It works for her and certainly works for her audiences who never stop loving her.

Deanna has several CDs she has recorded including her most recent, "Pianoland" that I intend to review soon.  Deanna and her talented bank own Woody's on Wednesday nights.  Don't wait to see her as she finishes her current Wednesday engagement  on January 21. I found a "YouTube" of Deanna performing one of her original compositions which will give you a taste of her talented voice.



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