Monday, January 26, 2015

CD Review: Jerry Kalaf "Welcome To Earth"

On January 23, 2015 Composer, Arranger and Drummer Jerry Kalaf will release his latest CD, "Welcome to Earth".  Usually, when I am reviewing a new CD with original compositions, it requires listening to the CD several times in order to get comfortable with the music.  Not so with the music written and arranged by Jerry Kalaf.  The songs are constructed in such a pure musical way that I found myself loving the material after my first time through the CD.  All the compositions are rich in melody, harmony and rhythm.  While they all are new songs, they all have a very comfortable feel.  I believe this is because of Jerry's approach to songwriting.  "My approach to composing can be termed absolute rather than programmatic.  In other words, I usually don't draw from sources outside the music. I don't have a specific subject matter or imagery in mind; rather, I'm concerned with melody, harmony, and rhythm.  I often think of the names only after the piece is written."  The result of this approach is outstanding world-class songwriting!  In addition to writing the 8 tracks on this CD, Jerry has also done a superb job writing the arrangements.

The arranging for these songs was no easy task since Jerry decided to use three different bands on this project, two different trios playing 5 songs and a sextet playing 3 songs.  When listening to the full CD,  the change between the two trios and the sextet seems seamless.  Perfect job of mixing and production in my opinion.

Jerry Kalaf is a rock solid Drummer and plays on all 8 cuts on the CD.  He has assembled a core of excellent-seasoned veterans to record with him and the resultant product is close to being musically perfect as you can get. The title of this CD is "Welcome to Earth" and it has something of a new rebirth feel.  The title could have been "Welcome to Spring" because the music has a clean, fresh sound reminding me of Spring.  Jerry Kalaf is a terrific Drummer and a fantastic Composer and Arranger.
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