Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jacob Collier, Age 18 Proves That There Still Are Young Adults Who Do Know What Great Music Is All About!

                                           Jacob Collier singing "Isn't She Lovely"

I recently received a posting from a music blog I follow called "People vs. dr. chilledair" authored by Bill Reed. The topic of the blog was a story about a 18 year old singer/Bass player/Piano player/Guitar player and arranger named Jacob Collier. Jacob lives in London, England, and I was blown away by the musical talents of this young musician and wanted to share his great sounds with you. Jacob has several musical postings on YouTube and I urge you to check out all of them.  He sings standards and also is very comfortable with contemporary tunes. I have attached two YouTube videos from Jacob. In the first one, Jacob sings his own arrangement of Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" and in the second one, he sings his own arrangement of Jerome Kern's "I've Told Every Little Star". Jacob sings all six harmony parts in both videos. Jacob Collier is a musical wonder!

                                           Jacob Collier Singing "I've Told Every Little Star"

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