Tuesday, September 4, 2012

CD Pre-Release Review: "Drink My Wine" by Darren Jay and The Delta Souls

Darren Jay & The Delta Souls

Darren Jay

Laura Cupit
If you love "Memphis Blues" and who doesn't, a new CD released on September 18, 2012 is for you. Darren Jay has been playing in bands since he was 15.  In 2007 he released his album, "Panhandle Blues" which won him critical praise for his songwriting and guitar skills. Darren joined the U.S.Navy in 1996 and when he completed his active duty, Darren spent most of his time playing in the Miami music scene.  His next move was to Washington D.C. where he joined The Stacy Brooks band as her guitar player.  Since 2010, Darren has been based in Memphis, TN where he met bass player Laura Cupit where the idea for this CD was born. "Drink My Wine" is their debut release. There are some great Blues Songs on this CD including "Hoochie Coochie Man" and "Tin Pan Alley".  The balance of the tunes were written by the talented Darren Jay. There are a bunch of highly talented musicians that supported Darren Jay and Laura Cupit:  Toby Thomas, Piano & Organ; Hubert Crawford, Drums; Laura Cupit, Bass & backup vocals; Darren Jay, Guitars and vocals; Chris Cloys, backup vocals, Marc Franklin, Trumpet; Art Edmaiston, Tenor & Baritone Sax; Wayne Jackson, Trumpet; Rodd Bland, Drums. This is a superbly produced Blues CD showcasing great guitar licks, soulful lyrics and some of the best Blues sidemen in the country.

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