Friday, April 24, 2015

CD Review: Joanne Tatham: "Out Of My Dreams"

Gifted singer Joanne Tatham has published her third CD, "Out of My Dreams" and it's terrific!  Joanne has a beautiful, clear voice that she uses in a wonderful way to put life into the lyrics of the songs she selected for this CD.  The songs she selected cover a great musical territory and would be a challenge for even the most experienced singer but Joanne believe's it's worth the risks and it turns out she was right.  In putting this CD together,  Joanne gathered some of the most sought-after musicians in the business today featuring John Clayton, Tamir Hendelman, Peter Erskine and Bob Sheppard.  She also convinced gifted Jazz singer and Songwriter Mark Winkler to produce her CD.  With a supporting cast like this, Joanne's beautiful voice and sense of tempo and eleven handpicked great songs, I was not surprised at the high quality of this CD. This CD and Joanne's two other CDs are available on Amazon,  iTunes, and CDBaby.

1. "You Taught My Heart To Sing"                          2. "Without Him"
3. "Devil May Care"                                                  4. "Vivo Sonhando"
5. "Cool"                                                                     6. "Double Life"
7. "Detour Ahead"                                                     8. "Too Long In LA"
9. "You're Sensational"                                             10. "In A Lonely Place'
11. "Out Of My Dreams"

           Artist Credits:

Joanne Tatham: Vocals and Background Vocals, Lyrics on #6, Arrangement on #9

Tamir Hendelman: Piano and Arrangements on  #1,5,6,7,10

Jamieson Trotter: Piano and Arrangements on #2,8 Piano only #3,4,11

Peter Erskine: Drums on #2,5,7,10

Bob Sheppard: Sax on #1,10

Lyman Medeiros: Bass on #2,3,4,8,11

Mike Shapiro: Drums and Percussion on 2,3,4,6,8,11

Marcel Camargo: Guitar on #2,4,9

Eli Brueggemann: Arrangements on #3,4

Mark Winkler: Producer

I found a "YouTube" video of Joanne singing "Devil May Care" performed live at Feinstein's at Loews Regency in NYC on 11/14/2011.  Eli Brueggemann on Piano, Steve Doyle on Bass, Steve Harkness on Guitar and Valerie Naranjo on Percussion.

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