Saturday, September 13, 2014

CD Review: Murali Coryell "Restless Mind"

Murali Coryell, a contemporary soul-blues singer/guitarist and songwriter released a new, terrific CD "Restless Minds" on August 19, 2014. I published a review of Coryell's last CD "Live" on this site on 1/10/2013.  This new CD is another gem! If you are a Blues and Jazz fan, Murali Coryell is your guy. He continues to impress not only with his Guitar playing but with his soulful singing ability that matches his Guitar playing perfectly. "Restless Mind" features 11 original songs written by Coryell and a great cover of Marvin Gaye's classic "Let's Get It On".

Murali Coryell has truly arrived as one of the great contemporary soul-blues singer/guitar players. He has paid his dues over many years honing his trade, but his last two CDs prove that he has truly arrived to the forefront of soulful Blues performing today. The group of musicians that Coryell has put together for this CD are outstanding in their own right.  Ernie Durawa on Drums, Chris Alcaraz on Bass, Joe Morales on Saxophone and Jimmy Shortell on Trumpet. If you love the Blues, you need to get this CD for your collection.

                  Song List
1. "Waiting and Wasting Away"
2. "Kiss Me First"
3. "Restless Mind"
4. "I'm So Happy"
5. "Sex Maniac'
6. "Crime of Opportunity"
7. "I Can't Give You Up"
8. "Tag Along"
9. "I Need Someone To Love"
10. "Lonely Eyes"
11. "Everyday is a Struggle"
12. "Let's Get It On" 

I have attached a "YouTube" video of Coryell singing "Crime of Opportunity" one of the original songs he wrote for "Restless Mind".

                                  Crime of Opportunity Written and Performed by Murali Coryell

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