Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bill Siatta and Tom Keenlyside Perform Great Jazz At Backstreet Bistro

Roger King, Bill Siatta, Tom Keenlyside and Doug McDonald

Bill Siatta

Tom Keenlyside

Doug McDonald

Dennis Burke

We went to Backstreet Bistro on Tuesday to see Bill Siatta who had gathered a group of super talented musicians to join his quartet for the night. Bill does a great job bringing the best musicians in the Valley together for the Tuesday night Jazz series at Backstreet Bistro.  Tonight Bill brought in the great flutist and Tenor Sax player from Canada, Tom Keenlyside along with  Roger King on drums. A great combination of musicians that made for an outstanding night of Jazz. Bill Siatta and Roger King put together a wonderful rhythm section to support the Tom always sensational Tenor and flute playing and Doug McDonald solos. Its hard to describe how good Tom Keenlyside is, I think you just have to listen to him play and everything else needs no description. Plus, it is clear to everyone who hears Tom perform that he just loves playing and performing in general. He is a gift from Canada that just keeps on giving great music to the Jazz fans in the Valley. Tonight we even got to hear Tom sing and of course he is good at that also!

I have also noticed that every time Bill Siatta bring in a new musicians into the mix, he plays to different and always higher levels. No doubt that Bill get motivated playings with so many different talent performers. His performance on the bass continues to evolve into better and better performance and his singing that Bill has worked on over the past couple of years, is really good.  Doug McDonald in a short period of time has demonstrated to all that he is one of the most talented guitar players in California. He seems to really hit his stride when playing with Bill. Roger King seems to be playing in many venues this year and he polished and experienced drummer. His has soft hands that few drummer exhibit and fit into this particular group of musicians perfectly.  A great night for Jazz and Jazz lovers. Drummer Dennis Burke came by during the evening and Bill asked him to sit in for a few numbers. I had not heard Dennis play before but I was impressed by his style and ability and I am sure I will run into him again in another venue.

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