Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pat Rizzo--Still Resident King of Jazz at Vicky's

Pat Rizzo
The Pat Rizzo Quartet, Pat Rizzo, Yarek Urant, Jeff Stover & Steve Neilen

Jeff Stover

Steve Neilen

Yarek Urant & Jeff Stover

Every winter when I return to the Desert, I can't wait to hear Pat Rizzo play. He never fails to impress me with his talents. I have given much thought to what makes Pat such a marvelous performer. First and foremost, Pat is a world-class sax player with years of experience. Second, Pat has been working on his vocal skills over the past several years and he now sings so well he really doesn't need to do anything else when he performs.  And lastly, Pat has a talent that few performers have, impeccable timing and an audience-pleasing stage presence. Pat Rizzo has star power!

Being the astute professional Pat is, he always makes sure he gets the very best supporting case of musicians.  Tonight, Pat was joined by his usual support players, the always wonderful Yarek Urant on Piano and the rock-strong Drummer, Steve Neilen.  Pat's favorite Bass player, Jim DeJulio was unavailable tonight and Jeff Stover stepped in to cover for him.  Jeff is well known in the Desert as an elite Bass player and also has been a very successful producer of several big band shows. Jeff did an amazing job playing arrangements he had no previous experience with. Great job Jeff!

The Pat Rizzo Quintet & "All That Jazz" plays at Vicky's on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Don't leave the Desert without going to hear this group perform.

Pat thanks for all the years of great entertainment....Long Live The King!


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