Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sassy Sarah Vaughn,The Divine One:Remembering The Jazz Giants, Chapter 8

"The Divine One" Sarah Vaughn was born in the same town I was born, Newark, NJ on March 27, 1924.  She died much too young in LA on April 3, 1990.  She had a musical career that few will ever reach for over 50 years. It always seemed to me that Sarah Vaughn never got the public recognition she so deserved but was loved by every talented musician of her time. Her voice was powerful and silky and some say her voice range could cover  4 octaves.  Every great singer of her time acknowledged her greatness without exception. The great Ella Fitzgerald called Sarah "The world's greatest singing talent"! The first time I got to hear Sarah sing live was in the late 50's at the great New York jazz dinner club, "Basin Street East", and I have been a fan ever since. Sarah's voice was so versatile that at times it seemed more like a finely tuned instrument rather than a human voice.  

I have attached two YouTube videos that will define "Sassy" Sarah Vaughn certainly better than I could. The first is the great evergreen, "Stardust" and the second is everyone's favorite, "Over the Rainbow" Few singers back then or even today could even come close to her magnificent level of musical talent. She left us much too soon. Thankfully, we still have her music to remind us of how wonderfully she could sing.  

I would like to dedicate this Sarah Vaughn posting to my friend from the California Desert, Yve Evans. Listening to Yve singing and playing piano this past winter and feeling her love and respect for "Sassy" rekindled my fond memories of the "Incomparable" Sarah Vaughn.   

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