Friday, June 8, 2012

Freddie Hubbert:Remembering The Jazz Giants: Chapter 6

As readers of this blog probably know by now, I just love musicians who can sing and play songs that make the lyrics come to life and project the emotion of the composer to the listener. Few musicians ever reach this sweet level of sound but Freddie Hubbert is universally heralded as one of the greats.  Freddie Hubbert played music magnificently which was beautiful and intoxicating but also could be heartbreaking for the listener. One thing is for sure, if you are listening to Freddie Hubbert play,  chances are that you will experience an emotional reaction. Freddie is considered one of the greatest be-bop trumpeters of his era and had a rich, full tone.  He was influenced by jazz greats, Miles Davis and Clifford Brown, and he has influenced many of the great trumpeters playing today. But for me, it's not Freddie's be-bop legacy that is the most impressive I just love the amazing technical trumpet work that Freddie produced playing great ballads.  I have selected two perfect examples of  great trumpet playing by Freddie Hubbert that exhibit my love for the music product he produced. The first is Freddie's version of "Moment To Moment" and the second is "You're My Everything". Both of these tracks are off of one of the greatest Freddie Hubbert albums, "Hub Tones".  Joining Freddie on this album are Herbie Hancock on piano, Reggie Workman on bass and Clifford Jarvis on drums. I hope you enjoy the great sounds of Freddie Hubbert!

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