Friday, April 13, 2012

Brian Nova Trio Plays Great Jazz at Backstreet Bistro

Brian Nova

The Brian Nova Trio: Jay Lewis, Larry Holloway, Brian Nova

Larry Holloway and Brian Nova
Larry Holloway
Jay Lewis

Chase Huna and Brian Nova
Missoni Lanza and Brian Nova

The Brian Nova Trio and Carole Hampton
The legendary Harp Player, Ron Kalina

The night I went to Backstreet Bistro to hear Brian Nova, the outdoor event was cancelled due to high winds.  So when I heard that Brian would be performing on April 3 at Backstreet, I returned.  It was well worth it and proved to be a very entertaining evening.  Playing with a trio composed of Jay Lewis on drums, Larry Holloway on bass and Brian as lead with his guitar really cooking. Working with these two talented musicians provided the perfect background for Brian to showcase his amazing dexterity and imaginative improvising on the guitar.  In addition, Brian sang several great jazz tunes to the delight of the standing-room-only crowd at the Backstreet Bistro. Brian is an understated musical performer for all the lucky residents in the Coachella Valley.  If you love great jazz, you have to put hearing Brian on your "To Do" list. 

Of special note tonight was some killer-bass-playing from Larry Holloway and the always great drum playing from Jay Lewis. This trio sounded like they have been playing together for years and provided Brian with perfect backing.

As one would expect, there were several performers in the audience Brian called up to perform. First was a young sax player, Chase Huna.  Chase is 12 years old and is in the 7th grade at the Palm Desert Charter Middle School and has only been playing for 3 years.  But don't let that fool you, he can play and improvise on sax exceptionally well.  Keep up the studying Chase, you have what it takes to become a great player in the very near future.  Next up was the lovely and talented singer and friend to all musicians in the Desert, Carole Hampton.  Carole has a wonderful voice and sings effortlessly to the delight of her admiring audiences.  Thanks for the great sounds, Carole!
Next up was one of my personal Desert favorites, Ron Kalina.  I just never get to hear enough of Ron's harp playing.  However, I just found out that Ron has put a trio together and will be performing at The Indians Wells Resort on Tuesday April 17.  This is a performance that should not be missed.  Mark your calendars and call the Indian Wells Resort at 760-345-6466 to reserve your table


  1. Well, I'll be danged! LOL! Sounds like they play music like the Glenn Miller Big Band, Yeah, what a joke!

  2. Hey this is Chase Huna. I just wanted to thank Bob Nicosia for posting this blog. It really brightened my day. I also want to thank Back Street Bistro and the jazz players that are always down there that let me perform with them. It is such a great experience. And people have told me that no matter what, don't give up music, I want any young musician that is reading this to know that if it is that important to you, never give it up....

    Chase Huna

  3. Hi Chase: You are right on target with your "Never Give It Up" comment. Keep studying the charts, that's important and the rest will come along just fine! Enjoyed your playing and look forward to hearing even better things next season. Thanks for the comment.


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