Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Rich And Poupee Show Opens At The Indian Wells Resort: The Newest Hot Spot For Live Music In The Desert

Poupee Boccaccio

Rich Bono

Anita Gardner & Rich Bono

Ken Steele
Aubrey Tadman

Beverly Jensen

Michael D'Angelo (Courtesy of Herb Koenig Photographer to the Stars)
Noel Grennan (Courtesy of Herb Koenig)
Richard Hogue
Richard Aiello (Courtesy of Herb Koenig)
Jenny Irvine (Courtesy of Herb Koenig)
Sally Skeoch (Courtesy of Herb Koenig)
Mel Albert with Tenor Sax Great Joe Canoura (Courtesy of Herb Koenig)
Beverly Jensen (Courtesy of Herb Koenig)

Eleanor Peffley

Bobbi Fletcher (Courtesy of Herb Koenig)

The Great Harmonica Player Ron Kalina (Courtesy of Herb Koenig)

Ilona Albert (Courtesy of Herb Koenig)

Earl Knauss

Margie Grennan

Frank Di Salvo
On Wednesday, March 14, I traveling over to the Indian Wells Resort Hotel for opening night of the Rich and Poupee show.  The Indian Wells Resort Hotel is a place that is steeped in great Hollywood history. The hotel was built in the 1950"s by Desi Arnez and Lucille Ball and it's original name was "The Desi Arnaz Western Hills Hotel".  As soon as you enter the lobby of this attractive, upscale hotel, you experience the feel of he 1950's and 1960's just by looking at all the great pictures of Hollywood Celebrities and Las Vegas performers on the walls. It will bring the viewer back to  the Las Vegas "Rat Pact" days.

The current management of the Hotel has done an outstanding job of upgrading the Hotel.  Last year they added live entertainment with Frank Di Salvo staring in the brand new showroom built within the lobby area called "Frank's Place".  The "Frank Di Salvo Show" has been so successful that management has decided to expand their live entertainment schedule to include the "Rich & Poupee Show" on Wednesdays.
The format of the show is like a cavalcade of stars with Rich Bono playing the piano and Poupee singing and emceeing. The show provides a forum for the great musically performers living in the desert. If you love live music, this is a show you must see.  I had a great time and enjoyed  hearing many great singers that I just don't get to hear enough, and I certainly will be back again to see this show again. 

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