Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Purpose of This Blog

The Music Man Blog is committed to providing a common meeting place where like-minded music lovers can share information and increase the joy and ecstasy of music and the melodies, lyrics and performers who brought us to the party. While the mainstay topic will always be a focus on the Great American Songbook, we will also share information on contributions by great performers to standards, as well as new songs that could become the new standards for the younger generation. Along the way, we will also be covering other aspects of the music business including reviews of current live performances, new and old CDs, new songs and some of my personal experiences.

The Great American Songbook is a collection of songs written by American songwriters over the past 100 years. These songs are often referred to as "Standards" or the term I like is "Evergreens"; "Evergreens" because these songs never get old. They come back to life every time an artist creates his or her own interpretation. We also will have some fun ranking the best of the best of singers and instrumentalists.

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  1. Hello, cannot seem to find your email address... id love to send you a copy of my CD to get your opinion, x Eddie Harris bassist, Joe Holiday


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