Tuesday, July 30, 2019

CD Review: Tierney Sutton and Her Band Continues their Recording Excellence With Their New CE: "Screenplay"

On May 17, 2019, Tierney Sutton and her wonderful band released a simply beautiful new CD called "Screenplay" that covers outstanding songs from American films.  Tierney Sutton has been performing for over 25 years  and has gathered 8 Grammy nominations for her stellar Jazz vocal work.  You might think that receiving 8 Grammy Nominations would make Tierney one of the biggest popular vocalist performing today but wait, Tierney Sutton is a Jazz singer.  Jazz singers just don't get the respect they deserve. Not only is Tierney a Jazz singer but one of the very best in her trade.  Tierney doesn't show up and just sing Jazz standards like most Jazz singers.  No, Tierney's arrangements are spectacular, fresh and unique.  So different that lots of up and coming Jazz singers borrow them and mostly without permission,  I have to add.  The wonderful arrangements were created with help from The Tierney Sutton Band's talented band members including of course, Tierney herself.  Tierney Sutton deserves tons more accolades and more attention from the listening public and the music industry.  She is in a class of her own, never playing it safe and always taking chances and her final music product is always superb!

A few months ago I had the pleasure of hearing Tierney sing at Pete Carlson's Golf Shop in Palm Desert, CA and her performance reminded me again of how special her singing is.  Tierney is a gift for any music lover of Jazz singing.  I have no doubt that she is one of the top 5 Jazz vocalists performing today.  The Tierney Sutton Band tours the country so be alert to when she is performing in your area and don't let anything stop you from hearing Tierney Sutton and this band.

This review would not be complete without showering  praise on the members of this talented and creative band.  Every member of this band is a high-level musician not only for their playing capabilities but also their understanding of Tierney Sutton's phrasing and touch for lyrics.  Of course, their contributions to the arrangements are stunning!  The band is one of the most creative and artistically satisfying groups performing currently.

The CD has 15 cuts, each one a gem, and the Band approaches every one of these great songs from American movies in a different path than the original arrangements.


Tierney Sutton- Vocals
Christian Jacob- Piano
Kevin Axt- Bass
Trey Henry- Bass
Ray Brinker- Drums
Serge Merlaud- Guitar (5, 12,13)
Alan Bergman- Vocals (12)


1. "The Windmills of Your Mind"
2. "Moon River/Calling You"
3.  "On a Clear Day"
4. "What Are You doing the Rest of Your Life"
5. "I've Got No Strings"
6. "If I Only Had a Brain?"
7. "The Sound of Silence"
8. "Goodbye for Now"
9. "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend"
10. "Hopelessly Devoted to You"
11. "You're the One That I Want"
12. "How Do You Keep the Music Playing?"
13. "It might Be Now"
14. "Every Now and Then"
15. "Arrow"

I have selected  2 "YouTubes" for your listening pleasure.  The first one is one of my personal favorites, "The Windmills of Your Mind" with music by the late Michel Legrand and lyric by Alan and Marilyn Bergman.  The arrangement is by Tierney Sutton.  The second is "The Sound of Silence" from the move "The Graduate".   The arrangement is by Trey Henry and Ray Brinker.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

CD Review: Guitar Player and Blues Vocalist Josh Hyde releases his new CD, "Into the Soul"

Guitar player/singer/songwriter Josh Hyde released his second album "Into the Soul" on April 26, 2019.  Josh Hyde has written all the songs on his new CD and they all have a comfortable feel,  like you've  experienced them before.  At times, the sound of Josh's music feels somewhat imperfect and that's the charm of this CD.  Josh writes, sings and plays the Blues and the feel is what you might have heard on the radio in the 1970's.  Josh had a unique musical vision for this CD.   He offers "I always wanted to do an analog recording, work on reel-to-reel.  The producer,  Joe V. McMahan, just by chance, knew of a machine that was being sold by Robert Plant's producer. So we ended up buying this 24 track analog machine that Robert Plant had done a few records on. It kind of gave the album a different sound.  There's nothing really like analog".

This CD has a wonderful groove and a major part of this feel is because of the talented musicians that support Josh.  If you like the Blues, you will love this CD.  

1. Josh Hyde-Guitar/ Vocals/ Vibraphone
2. Joe V, McMahan-Guitar/Vibraphone
3. Ron Eoff- Bass
4. Derrek Phillips- Drums/ Percussion
5. Jimmy Wallace- Organ/Piano/Keys
6. Chris Lippincott-Pedal Steel

1. "Rocking Chair"
2. "Smile"
3. "For You I Ache"
4. "Lover's Curse"
5. "The Edge of Love"
6. "Can't Let Go"
7. "The Key"
8. "Down on Bourbon Street"
9. "All You Need is Soul"
10. "Call My Name"
11." Reasons Why"

I have attached two "YouTubes" for your listening enjoyment.  The first one is the opening tune on the CD, "Rocking Chair"  and the second is also one of my favorites,  "Smile".  Josh Hyde writes from the heart and his lyrics are emotional and believable!

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