Monday, September 25, 2017

CD Review: Calabria Foti, "In The Still Of The Night"

Writing a music blog requires a lot of time and effort with very little pay.  Come to think of it, isn't that what all my musician friends face every day in their professional lives too?  But the real payment I receive for reviewing new artists and their songs is in the pleasure I receive when I discover a wonderfully-talented musician who I would have most likely missed if not for researching new talent to publish for my followers.  Calabria Foti is no newcomer to the national music scene, but I would bet a lot of my readers have never heard her sing.  I would also bet that you will love her vocal style and impeccable intonation within minutes of first hearing her sing.

Her new album "In The Still Of The Night" contains 11 award-winning songs by the great Cole Porter made new by the wonderful arrangements from Michael Patterson. Patterson is a Grammy and Emmy award-winning composer who has worked across multiple genres and instrumental ensembles including orchestral and chamber music for concert halls, Jazz arrangements and original compositions for big bands and solo artists.  Patterson put together a group of A-listed musicians, including the Clarinet virtuoso, Eddie Daniels, Gene Bertoncini on Guitar, Richard Locker on Cello, Bob McChesney on Trombone, Ike Sturm on Bass and Jared Schonig on Drums.  These guys are as good as you can get.  "Best is breed" as Jim Kramer likes to say.  Eddie Daniels is without question one of the best Jazz/Classical Clarinet players performing today!

What makes Calabria's singing so special?  Her voice is soft and lush and her ability to perform these Cole Porter remarkable melodies and lyrics almost effortlessly is divine!  According to Daniels, "Calabria Foti was the perfect choice, with her tone and musical depth, to bring the delicate sensibilities of Cole Porter's music to life.  I love Cole Porter. His songs are so heartfelt and the sound of Calabria's voice just touches me, I can't help it."  This quote coming from a Clarinet virtuoso tells all that one needs to know about Calabria's wonderful singing!  In case you need more proof of the quality of her singing, Calabria has been called a "Master of improvisation and interpretation".  She is an accomplished Vocalist, Violinist, Composer, Author and Educator.  Now that's what I call doing it all.  Her 2014 single, "Let's Fall in Love" which Calabria recorded with TV's Seth MacFarlane, received a Grammy nomination.

"In The Still Of The Night" was released on July 17, 2017 and you can sample the track "It Was Just One Of Those Things" on: Soundcloud:hhtp:// 8sxnE.  You can also hear and see Calabria Foti sing and talk about her new CD on the "YouTube" below.

I also attached a second "YouTube" From her CD, "When a Man Love a Women".


1. "Just One of Those Things"
2. "Miss Otis Regrets"
3. "Anything Goes"
4. "What Is This Thing Called Love"
5. "Night and Day"
6. "I Concentrate on You"
7. "Every Time We Say Goodbye"
8. "Get Out of Town"
9. "It's All Right With Me"
10. "So In Love"
11. "In the Still of the Night"  

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