Friday, February 5, 2016

"Songbird" Beverly Jensen Impresses the Jazz Lovers at 360 North in Palm Springs

"Songbreath" is the perfect name for Beverly Jensen.  Beverly has a strong, clear voice when combined with her perfect pitch will win over any music lover of the "Great American Songbook".  If you have been in the Coachella Valley over the past few years, you probably have heard Beverly sing a song or two.  I have never talked to any musician who has heard Beverly sing and then express anything but the highest praise about her voice, her phrasing and her beautiful interpretation of lyrics.  She is truly a remarkable vocalist.

Beverly has been applying her singing skill with many bands and groups over the years including several tours with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.  She is at easy singing alone, with a piano, with a trio and with a big band.  She can do it all!

Tonight at 360 North Restaurant, Beverly was joined by Randy Johnson on Keys, Jim Kirwin on Guitar, Steve Crowell on Drums and John Tedder on Electric Bass.  One of the great aspects of the music community here in the California desert is that they are very supportive of their fellow members.  And tonight was no exception.  Many were on hand and some even sat in with the group to support Beverly.  It is so great to see musicians support each other in such a tough industry.

I would like to add that as a vocalist, Beverly never pays it safe singing easy songs, she is always challenging herself to sing great songs that you just don't hear everyday.  She has a wonderful ear for the best of the best songs with lyrics that tell wonderful stories.

I want to give those that have not heard Beverly, the experience to hear her.  I used a hand held iPhone to record Beverly singing "Watch What Happens" at 360 North.  It's live, of course, and I was not able to due justice to Beverly's voice but even using an iPhone, I think you can hear what a great vocalist she is.  The lush and soulful Tenor sounds are from Joe Canoura who was sitting in with the group. Sorry the video is dark due to the lighting in the club.

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