Thursday, October 15, 2015

CD Review: Daniel Smith: "Jazz Suite For Bassoon"

I would like to start this review with a question:  How many favorite Jazz Bassoon players do you know?  Ok, that question may be too difficult.  How about this one: "Have you ever heard a Bassoon player playing Jazz?  My answers were "none" and "no" until I was sent a review copy of Daniel Smith's "Jazz Suite For Bassoon".  It turns out I love the sound of a Bassoon at least when it's played by the world's most recorded Bassoon soloist.  Even more surprising is that the Bassoon and its unusual warm sounds fits into the Jazz world quiet comfortably.  Daniel Smith is simply an amazing musician who is at easy in all parts of the music world.  This CD is a mix of Jazz and Classical that fits perfectly.  The title of this CD is "Jazz Suite For Bassoon" but all of the performers are seriously, Classically trained musicians.  This CD successful makes its way between Jazz and Classical smoothly and successfully.

The world-class musicians on this CD are:

On Baroque Adaptations of Bassoon and Jazz Trio:
     Daniel Smith-Bassoon
     Bruce Boardman-Piano
     Terry David-Bass
     Martin Drew-Drums

On Scott Joplin Rags:
     Daniel Smith-Bassoon
     Jonathan Still-Piano
     Paul Manley-Violin
     Kate Musker-Viola
     Justin Pearson-Cello
     Michael Brittain-Bass

On Jazz Suite For Bassoon:
     Daniel Smith-Bassoon
     Steve Gray-Piano
     Mitch Dalton-Guitar
     Jim Lawless-Vibraphone
     Roy Babbington-Bass
     Mike Smith-Drums

I found a couple of cuts from the CD on "YouTube" so you can experience Daniel Smith at his best.  The first one is from Daniel's Scott Joplin Rags, "Chrysanthemum" and the second is from his Jazz Baroque Adaptations for Bassoon and Jazz Trio "Allegro from Concerto in B Flat" written by Antonio Vivaldi.

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