Tuesday, June 2, 2015

CD Review: Claire Ritter "Soho Solo"

Pianist/Composer Claire Ritter records her 2nd solo album and her 11th CD overall.  Claire Ritter is a song-writers' song-writer.  On her new CD, it seems to me that she takes us on a musical ride that transfers the joy of song-writing painlessly to the listener.  On her new CD, Claire performs 18 new songs she has written taking us with her on her free ranging music trip through her wide-ranging musical passions. "Creating music which is unique and uplifting is a challenge for any musician", Ritter says.  "But this recording felt lighthearted yet poignant with a twist of the South. Some of the songs are self-portraits".  Songs range from the abstract-whimsical tunes to ballads that haunt me".  Claire's description of her writing style and music direction are right on target.  Her melodies at times appear simple and free-spirited and yet are constructed in a beautiful and masterful way.  Her writing and playing are succinct using notes skillfully and sparing that reminds me of way Claire's inspiration the great Thelonious Monk wrote and played.

Clair Ritter has composed over 200 compositions, most of which have been published and recorded; and performed in festivals, concert halls and museums in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.  As I listened to the songs on "Soho Solo" I could not help wishing some up and coming top notch Lyricist   steps up and provides lyrics for these wonderful new songs.  This CD is scheduled to be released on May 26 on Zoning Records.  If you love listening to new songs that are anchored in the past but embrace the present and future, this CD will make you happy!

I was able to find a song from "Soho Solo" on "YouTube" and have attached it for your listening pleasure.  Here is Claire Ritter performing her own composition, "Integrity".

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