Wednesday, May 20, 2015

CD Review: Rebecca DuMaine With The Dave Miller Trio, "The Consequence of You".

"The Consequence of You" is the third Album from Rebecca Dumaine and The Dave Miller Trio.  This new Album is different from the first two in that Rebecca and Dave wanted to do a "Straightup Jazz record--everyone gets solos, everyone gets featured".  Miller brings his two favorite players with him again on this CD, Mario Suraci on Bass and Bill Belasco on Drums but adds Guitarist Brad Buethe to the group.  According to Rebecca, "We  knew we wanted another voice, but we weren't sure what kind of instrument it would be".  They decided it had to be a guitar, and Brad Buethe was a terrific addition to the group.

Rebecca Dumaine has a wonderfully relaxed style that makes singing feel like a lot of fun.  She take complex songs and lyrics and sings seemingly without effort.  Her song selections on the Album are outstanding.  Rebecca is a trained actress and as a result, song lyrics must bring her a narrative she can relate to and believe in.  She has included 12 wonderful songs out of the "Great American Songbook" some very familiar and others maybe not so familiar.  But the key among all the songs on this CD is they all have great melodies and lyrics.  They allow Rebecca to capture the listener with wonderful stories and melodies. Rebecca DuMaine is a major league star in the long and proud tradition of Jazz vocalists.

The Dave Miller Trio with the addition of Brad Buethe produces simply magical Jazz music. They get room to show their stuff on this CD, but they also have the professional experience to give Rebecca the room she needs to shine.  Oh by the way, Dave Miller is Rebecca's Dad.  Dave you should be very proud of your talented daughter.  The apple never falls far from the tree!

1. "Beautiful Love"                                    2. "Pure Imagination"
3. "One Note Samba"                                4. "Exactly Like You"
5. "Down With Love"                                6. "You've Changed"
7. "Put On A Happy Face"                        8. "The Face I Love"
9. "There Will Never Be Another You"   10. "They Say It's Spring"
11. "Too Close For Comfort"                    12. "If I Were A Bell"

Rebecca DuMaine: Vocals
Dave Miller: Piano
Mario Suraci: Bass
Bill Belasco" Drums
Bard Buethe: Guitar

I found a cut from the CD on YouTube that I have attached for your listening pleasure.  Rebecca DuMaine singing "There Will Never Be Another You".

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

CD Review: The Lalama Brothers Featuring Nicole Pasternak Lalama, "The Crepuscule Variations"

Ralph Lalama, Nicole Pasternak Lalama and  Dave Lalama

The talented Lalama Brothers, Ralph and Dave, have another terrific Jazz CD out,  "The Crepuscule Variations" that features another talented family member, Nicole Pasternak Lalama.  The Lalama brothers know how to make a wonderful Jazz CD.  They have the formula down pat, first bring together a few of the finest musicians around, add some of the most wonderful songs ever written and then record with close family and love.  The results are always terrific!  It's hard for me to find anything negative about this beautiful CD because in addition to the marvelous Sax and Piano by Ralph and Dave Lalama and the pure and sweet voice of family member Nicole Pasternak Lalama, most of the songs in the CD playlist are on my "Top 20 Songs of All Times".  This is a must-have for any traditional Jazz fan.

Three-time Grammy winner Ralph Lalama plays his Tenor Sax with such emotional feeling that the lyrics seems to jump out even without words.  His tone is perfect for these great standards.  Multi-talented Dave Lalama is currently Professor of Music at Hofstra University and is a founding faculty member of the Manhattan School of Music Jazz Program. In addition to performing, Dave has published big band Jazz arrangements and is currently composing, orchestrating and recording a 70-minute score for a Jazz-oriented "Dance Musical" entitled "The Bench" that is scheduled to preview in New York in the summer of 2015.

Joining the family recording session for the first time is Nicole Pasternak Lalama and she musically fits perfectly next to her two brothers.  Nicole has a pure, strong voice and also understands the importance of being able to project the emotional message of the lyrics to the listener.  When you listen to this CD, you get the feeling that there are more people performing on it because the sound seems so full.  The Lalama brothers deserve much credit for combining the musical pieces together in such  an entertaining fashion.  This is a great CD performed by three super talented musicians!

1. "Just In Time"                                                  2. "Time After Time"
3. "The Days of Wine and Roses"                       4. "Moon River"
5. "All of Me"                                                      6. "The Shadow of Your Smile"
7. "I Love You For Sentimental Reasons"           8. "A House Is Not A Home'
9. "I'm Confessin' That I Love You"                   10. "Embraceable You"
11. "Don't Know Why I Love You Like I Do"   12. "There Will Never Be Another You"
13. "Here's That Rainy Day"

I found a "YouTube" video of Ralph and Dave Lalama playing with Peter Washington on Bass, Kenny Washington on Drums and Joe Lovano on Tenor Sax.  When you hear the quality of their Jazz playing, check out some of their other CDs, they are sure to please even the toughest Jazz fan.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

A "Photo" Shout Out To All The Talented Musicians Performing In The Coachella Valley

As the end of the Desert Music season draws to a close,  I am recalling all the terrific music and musicians who have provided great Jazz for thousands of music fans in the Coachella Valley.  On behalf of music lovers in the Valley, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who performed this season and let you know how much joy you have provided all of us in the last couple of months.  A life without music would be unthinkable and unlivable!  We recognize that you perform many times without earning the money you so deserve because of your love for music.  Thank you for a wonderful season, and we wish the best to you and your families until we meet again next season. We will all be back to support you. I have attached some pictures from my photo library and apologize to any musician I might have missed.  Warmest personal regards, Bob Nicosia.

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